what is a pixbee?

Heard of quilting bees? People got together to make a job fun. 

We encourage you to throw a "Pixbee" - invite over family or friends and have everyone bring that box, drawer or bag of photos that they've wanted to organize or just go through. Sit around a table together and dive in! Toss out duplicates and keep only the best pix. (You'll need help tossing out - that's what having family and friends are for....) Food and drink are encouraged before or after, but not during - a spill could be a catastrophe.

Then, gather the pictures, keeping them organized by participant, and contact us. The more pictures the lower the price per scan! Let us know you're a Pixbee host and everyone will get their own disc of pictures and their own invoice, and you'll get 30% off your invoice. Got questions about throwing a Pixbee? Contact us!