what is coaching?

Overwhelmed by all your photos?

Downsizing and need help with your family photo archive?

Want to create a memoir or photobook but don't know how?

Have a fantastic family picture, except there's one kid with his eyes closed or it's tattered and torn?

Need an engaging speaker for a group?


We can help. We provide:  

  • one-to-one coaching for photo-related situations
  • one-to-one or group memoir and photobook creation coaching - check our Workshops and BookCamps below
  • one-hour PixTalks on photo preservation, organizing and photostorytelling - great for groups! see the details below
  • memoir and photo book creation - we'll make it for you!
  • photoshop correction
  • Contact us


Announcing 2017 BookCamp Schedule

Save the Date and Plan to Join Us!


BookCamp is Four Sessions in Two Weeks (& the Preview Proofing Party) - You end with a finished book!


Tell your story in a 20-page photobook, combining your stories and photos to make a fun and meaningful gift. All it takes is two weeks, four workshop meetings and a preview book proofing party – really!


“I loved this workshop. I signed up because I had been thinking about putting a cookbook together for a few years and could never get myself started on the project. Boy was I shocked at the progression of learning that occurred over the first 3 sessions! I had my book together by the 4th session. In two weeks, four sessions - I did it!” 

- Sheryl Meddin


2017 BookCamps:

Mondays and Thursdays: 

March 27, 30, April 3, 6 with Preview Proofing Party week of April 20

June 5, 8, 12, 15 with Preview Proofing Party week of June 26

October 16, 19, 23, 26 with Preview Proofing Party week of November 6

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm


BookCamp Location: Pixorium office

Cost: $350 + the cost of the book (around $40 which you will pay directly to Shutterfly)

Note: To be successful you must have time during the two weeks to work on the book between the sessions.  There is also prework – mostly photo and story gathering – to be done before the workshop.


The workshop is limited to 6 participants so you get personalized attention AND leave with a finished book.


Save your spot - RSVP today! 

Be the first BookCamper for your session and receive an hour of one-to-one coaching too!


Can't make those dates? Schedule your own BookCamp with family or friends...or both! Contact Jiffy today!


PixTalks:  an hour or so of really useful information combined with lots of energy and examples


Perfect for women's and men's groups, genealogy groups, memoir classes, parent and grandparent groups, book clubs


"Jiffy was wonderful, great presenter, great passion - she ‘had a story’ to share with us that contained good information. She is a ‘pro’. I was very happy I attended even after a long day."

 - S. Venker  


I'd love to speak to your group - large or small -  Contact me!


The Topics:

Photostorytelling 101


“Families not only tell stories of their shared past, but tell stories of the more extended family, stories parents tell about their own childhood, about their parents, and their parents before them….Families that tell more of these kinds of family history stories have adolescent children that have higher levels of self-understanding and emotional well-being.”
- From the website for the Family Narratives Lab, Emory University, Robyn Fivush, PhD., Director

Dr. Fivush’s research shows that family storytelling matters, not just for adolescents as noted above, but for children too. Family storytelling leads to children and families with greater resilience and self-esteem. (See this linked article from March 2013 NYTimes)

Your family stories matter.


So do your family photographs. Coupled with the stories, photos bring the words to life, giving the names faces and a sense to places. That’s photostorytelling.


In this PixTalk, each participant is asked to bring a photo with a family story behind it.


Jiffy will spark your enthusiasm for telling your photo’s story (and the stories behind other family photos you have) and give you very doable photostorytelling ideas based on your time and budget. She will show you not only how to get your photostory started, but most importantly, finished.


Photo Organization & Preservation Basics


Sooo many photos in sooo many places. Sound familiar? Could you find a picture if you wanted to find it? Do you worry about your old family pictures deteriorating? 


If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, this PixTalk is for you.


After a discussion of "why bother," Jiffy shares a guide for how to organize your photos, both "tangible" and the "digital" kinds, explains how to preserve both types of photos and provides a plan for starting and finishing such a project. Time well-spent!


As always, questions are always encouraged and each participant receives a helpful resources guide.


Tips for Preserving & Sharing Your Priceless Family Photo Memories


Everyone has photos. They tell the story of a life, a family. You know they are important. You want to do something to preserve and share them. But there are a lot of them and dealing with them feels overwhelming. This PixTalk will help.


First, Jiffy tackles the question, "This whole thing takes a LOT of time that I really don't have. Why should I bother?" (Pssst – it has something to do with Big Daddy…)


Then, Jiffy discusses what “preserving” really means for the variety of photographic images – prints, slides, negatives, film/video, digital – and provides clear advice on how you can save your photo memories.


Finally, Jiffy gives very doable ideas for how to share your priceless photos in fun and meaningful ways, perfect for gift giving.


Questions are always encouraged and each participant receives a helpful resources guide.



Remember, we are a local Atlanta company, here to work with you and your irreplaceable pictures side-by-side and to help you tell your story. Questions? Ideas? Contact us!