Celebrating Pixorium’s first 5 years with “SNAPSHOTS AND STORIES – A CELEBRATION”

by Jiffy Page

two people looking at the exhibit photos and reading the stories
Captivated by the photos and stories

On exhibit during November at the San Francisco Coffee, Virginia Highlands location

I love snapshots. Not all, mind you, but those pictures that, miraculously, capture the simple essence of a moment.

I also love stories. Not myths and legends, but the stories of real people living real lives with grace, fortitude and a sense of humor.

In the past five years, I’ve seen tens of thousands of family snapshots from the shoeboxes, slide carousels and albums of Atlantans. The photos in this exhibit are those that stopped me, tugged at my sleeve and said, “Hey, want to hear a story?”

I knew what I wanted to do to celebrate our first 5 years – create a photo exhibit of those sleeve-tugging snapshots accompanied by their stories. Fortunately, our clients agreed to share their stories and their photographs and the result? TA DA!  “Snapshots & Stories – A Celebration

Most of the photos were taken between the late 1800s and the early 1970s by amateur photographers. They are both historically fascinating and very familiar glimpses into life and the stuff of it – love, family, work, adventure, war.

They compel us to stop and consider who we are and what we cherish. They remind us of our history and our shared humanity, what makes us laugh and what takes our breath away.

With great thanks to the families who shared them with me and with their permission, I am privileged and delighted to share them through this exhibit which opened on Saturday, October 22, 2010 for a week in Ellis Hall at All Saints Episcopal Church.  (Photos from the opening reception are on our Facebook page – log into FB and search for “Pixorium”)

For November, the exhibit moves to the San Francisco Coffee in Virginia Highlands (http://www.mysfcoffee.com/). It’s the perfect spot – treat yourself to a delicious cup of coffee and spend some time with these marvelous pictures and stories. It will be time well-spent, I promise.

You know, every family has these stories. By celebrating family snapshots through this exhibit, I hope to tickle your curiosity about what stories lay tucked away in your shoeboxes, slide carousels and albums, waiting to stop you, tug at your sleeve and say, “Hey, want to hear a story?”



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